class astrocut.TicaCubeFactory(max_memory=50)[source]

Bases: object

Class for creating TICA image cubes.

This class emcompasses all of the cube making functionality. In the current version this means creating image cubes fits files from TESS full frame image sets. Future versions will include more generalized cubing functionality.

The TESS Image CAlibrator (TICA) products are high level science products (HLSPs) developed by the MIT Quick Look Pipeline (https://github.com/mmfausnaugh/tica). These images are produced and delivered up to 4x sooner than their SPOC counterparts (as of TESS EM2), and can therefore be used to produce the most up-to-date cutouts of a target. More information on TICA can be found here: https://archive.stsci.edu/hlsp/tica

Setting up the class members.

Methods Summary

make_cube(file_list[, cube_file, sector, ...])

Analogous to CubeFactory.make_cube(...).

Methods Documentation

make_cube(file_list, cube_file='img-cube.fits', sector=None, max_memory=50, verbose=True)[source]

Analogous to CubeFactory.make_cube(…). Turns a list of fits image files into one large data-cube. Input images must all have the same footprint and resolution. The resulting datacube is transposed for quicker cutouts. This function can take some time to run, exactly how much time will depend on the number of input files and the maximum allowed memory. The runtime will be fastest if the entire data cube can be held in memory, however that can be quite large (~40GB for a full TESS main mission sector, 3 times that for a TESS extended mission sector).


The list of fits image files to cube. Assumed to have the format of a TESS FFI: - A primary HDU consisting only of a primary header - An image HDU containing the image - A second image HDU containing the uncertainty image


Optional. The filename/path to save the output cube in.


Optional. TESS sector to add as header keyword (not present in FFI files).


Optional, default is 50. The maximum amount of memory to make available for building the data cube in GB. Note, this is the maximum amount of space to be used for the cube array only, so should not be set to the full amount of memory on the system.


Optional. If true intermediate information is printed.

response: string or None

If successful, returns the path to the cube fits file, if unsuccessful returns None.